Dimmable Lights

A common electrical upgrade homeowners are making today is adding dimmable lights and switches. Why is this upgrade so popular?

Dimmable lights can really enhance an area – they are perfect for dining rooms where you might want a softer, lower light for meals. They also work well in basements where you might want a lot of light for games or activities but then less light for watching TV. We’ve also installed dimmable lights and switches in nurseries where lower lights work well for nighttime routines.

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Frequently Asked Questions Dimmable Lights

Can I put a dimmable light in any room?

Yes, it is easy to add a dimmable light and switch to any room, but make sure that works with the overall function of the room. If you always want a lot of light in that space, a dimmable light may not be worth the cost of installation.

What kind of dimmable switch can I get?

There are several types of dimmable switches to choose from including a round knob you turn, a small knob you slide up and down and there are even combination switches with a regular light switch surrounded by a tiny square you slide up and down. We will help you figure out which switch will work best for you.

Can I get a dimmable switch for my fan?

Yes, ceiling fans can also use a dimmable switch. In fact, there are dimmable switches with two sides – one to control the fan and one to control the light in the fan.