Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement

Unfortunately, electrical panels do not have an unlimited life span. They typically last for 25 years in a home before they need to be replaced, as a matter of safety.

Here are some reasons you would need an electrical panel replacement:

·        Your home is over 25 years old and has not had a panel replacement
·        Your lights flicker when an appliance is turned on
·        Your electrical panel feels hot to the touch
·        Your home has a split-buss panel (common in houses in the 60’s and 70’s)
·        Your electrical panel wiring is messed up

After an evaluation, we may need to simply repair the panel or replace a part, not the entire thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions Electrical Panels

What goes into the cost of repairing/replacing an electrical panel?

First we will look at what is causing the issue with the panel and see whether it needs to be replaced or not. A replacement will much more expensive than a repair. We will also see how easy it is to access the panel. If it takes a lot of time to access, that could increase the cost. Lastly, we will account for the panel’s age. If the panel is older, it could take longer or cost more to repair.

What goes into an electrical panel repair?

If your electrical panel is having issues but does not need to be replaced, we will figure out which part is causing the issue and then replace it or repair it. If we need a new part, it could take time or cost more to get the part depending on the age of the system and the availability of the part.

Why can’t I use a split-buss panel?

Split-buss electrical panels have multiple breakers (up to 6!), which worked back in the60’s and 70’s when we didn’t have as many appliances as we do now. With all the power required to run our devices today, split-buss panels often have power outages and safety issues.

What are the best electrical panel brands?

It can really vary based on what you need, at Marines Electrical, we recommend assessing thing problem first then going over the options of what you can do.

What is involved in an electrical panel replacement?

If we look at your electrical panel and determine it requires a replacement, we will figure out which panel to put in. In addition to putting in a new panel, we will make sure the grounding and bonding system is upgraded so that you don’t get an electrical shock.