Electrical Troubleshooting

Do you have an electrical issue and no idea what is causing the problem?

Marines Electrical has experience with every kind of electrical issue there is so we can confidently diagnose and fix whatever is going on in your home.

Marines Electrical can help with any of the following common electrical issues:

·        Outlet not working
·        Light switch not working
·        Lights flickering
·        Overheating electrical panel
·        Dimmer switch no longer dimming
·        GCFIs no longer working

Why Us?

Marines Electrical has been servicing houses in Northern Virginia and Richmond since 2013. Our licensed technicians have the experience to quickly diagnose and fix all your residential electrical needs.

Call for Electrical Troubleshooting from Northern Virginia to Richmond

From Northern Virginia to Richmond, contact us today at (703) 331-2100 to schedule an appointment with one of our electricians.


Frequently Asked Questions Electrical Troubleshooting

Why does my light flicker?

If your light is flickering it could be an issue with the outlet it is plugged into or the overall circuit.

Why is my electrical panel hot?

A hot electrical panel is often an indicator of an old panel that needs to be replaced.

Why does my light switch not turn anything on?

If your light switch is no longer turning on an outlet, it could be a wiring issue with the switch or a wiring issue with the outlet. We’ll need to fully investigate to find the root cause.

Why does my outlet not work?

If the outlet is one that is used often, it can wear out and need to be replaced. If the outlet has a wiring issue it could also not work.