Home Surge Protection

A power surge is a quick, but potentially devastating event. Today when most of us work partially or fully from home, we rely on technology every single day. If we were ever to be without it, we wouldn’t be able to do daily activities or work. You can prevent power surges due to weather or power grid disruptions.

A home surge protector is something that is hard wired to your electrical system, and it provides protection to the entire house. In the case that the electricity surges, the home surge protector grounds it, blocking the surge so all your appliances and electronics don’t experience any damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions Surge Protection

Do I need only one home surge protector?

Typically most houses only need one home surge protector, but Marines Electrical can evaluate your house to see if you need separate systems for your cable and internet lines.

Why do I need an electrician to install home surge protection?

Home surge protectors should always be installed by a licensed electrician because it is very important to make sure everything is grounded correctly; the grounding is what enables the surge protector to properly stop any electrical surges.

How much should my system stop?

The best home protector surges stop at least 40,000 amps.