Outlet Repair and Replacement

Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of an outlet that worked yesterday no longer working today? Just like anything, outlets need to be fixed and replaced.

Here are some signs that your outlets need to be looked at:

·        You plug something in and it is loose or falls out of the plug
·        You have two pronged outlets instead of three pronged outlets
·        You do not have GCFI outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen as required by current building codes
·        You live in an older house with old outlets that have never been replaced
·        You have experienced damage to the outlet

At Marines Electrical we can easily replace outdated or damaged outlets for you in addition to adding new outlets as needed.

Why Us?

Marines Electrical has been servicing houses in Northern Virginia and Richmond since 2013. Our licensed technicians have the experience to quickly diagnose and fix all your residential electrical needs.

Call for Outlet Repairs and Replacements from Northern Virginia to Richmond

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Frequently Asked Questions Outlet Repair and Replacement

How much does it cost to replace an outlet?

It depends on the number of outlets and the location. One outlet is much less than replacing an entire house.

Can I add an outlet to a room?

As long as there is power source to draw from, it is usually possible and easy to add an outlet to a room.

Why do I need GCFI outlets in my house?

These outlets are specifically designed to protect people from shock by turning off power from the outlet if there is an issue. They go in the kitchen and bathrooms because there is a risk of water near the outlet.

Why can’t I change my own outlets?

You can, but in some cases a bad outlet can be indicative of wiring issues, and you don’t want to take the risk of getting hurt or not fixing an underlying problem.