TV Mounting and Outlets

Are you ready to take your TV to the next level? How about mounting it on the wall with an outlet right behind it so there are no stray wires or cords hanging down?

Well, good news: at Marines Electrical we can install the new outlet for you and mount your TV, so you have a perfect view every time you turn on Netflix or Hulu.

Why Us?

Marines Electrical has been servicing houses in Northern Virginia and Richmond since 2013. Our licensed technicians have the experience to quickly diagnose and fix all your residential electrical needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions TV Mounting and Outlets

How much does it cost to mount a TV?

The price will vary slightly by the size of the TV, but typically, just mounting a TV will depend on how big and where it is being mounted.

How much does it cost to add an outlet behind my TV?

The cost of adding a new outlet depends on the location – where in the wall does it need to go, and how complex it will be to add an outlet. It can be relatively easy to add one or it can be harder. The harder it is, the more the cost could go up.

Why should I add an outlet behind my TV?

You certainly don’t need an outlet behind your TV for functional purposes, but most people prefer the cleanliness of it. Imagine no dangling cord to take away from your otherwise perfectly designed wall. For those with young kids, it also removes the possibility of them accidentally unplugging the TV.