Common Plumbing Mistakes Made by Homeowners

As a plumbing company, we often hear about homeowners trying to fix their own plumbing problems, either to save money or because they are uncomfortable with strangers in their home. As a homeowner, do you fully understand your plumbing system? The truth is, most of these common mistakes can leave you with expensive results. Knowing how to avoid those common mistakes can help you take care of your home.

1. Disposing of Trash in the Toilet
Flushing trash or household products down the toilet can clog your pipes, cause your pipes to burst, overflow and to flood. The only materials you should ever flush down your toilet are humans waste and toilet paper.

2. Using a Chemical Product Down the Drain
Pouring chemical cleaners down your drain can be very problematic. These chemicals are in fact powerful, but they can be very damaging to your pipes. Those chemical drain cleaners can have a lasting effect and could cause their pipes to become corroded and leaky.

3. Forgetting to Shut Off  Water
If you are doing any plumbing repairs in your home, remember to shut off the water. Failure to turn off the water before beginning a plumbing repair can cause a leak, gushing pipes or even worst, create a household flood.

4. De-winterizing
Most of us make this mistake every year – leaving the water hose hooked up in winter months. If a separate control supplies your outdoor spigots, turn it off to avoid frozen and busted pipes. If they aren’t turned off, you could end up with a devastating flood inside your home.

5. Not Calling Professionals
Many homeowners think they should perform plumbing repairs themselves. Sometimes the most harmless-looking repairs can sometimes get out of control. It’s always safer to call in the professionals than attempt the repair and end up with a flood or other mess.

Here at Marines Plumbing, we want to help you avoid these common pitfalls many homeowners make, so that you keep your plumbing in good shape. If you need a plumbing professional and live in Northern Virginia don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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