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Full Service Plumber in Manassas, Virginia

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Anyone looking for a local Plumber in Manassas, VA knows there are plenty of options to choose from, but finding a professional who is responsive to your concerns, works efficiently, and has the knowledge needed to get the job done right can be a challenge. You need an plumbing company with skilled technicians who you also feel safe having in your home—you need Marines Service Co. Service of Manassas.

Call us today and find out why hundreds of your friends and neighbors in Manassas trust MarinesService Co. for their plumbing services. Marines Service Co. is veteran-owned and operated, offering you no-haggle pricing and straightforward communication. Our commitment to our customers includes:

  • 100% Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee
  • Fair Prices
  • Commitment to Helping All Who Serve

Book an appointment online or give us a call at (703) 331-2100 today. We’ll even send you a text 30 minutes before our electrician arrives so you don’t have to stay home from work all day waiting.

Plumbing Services In Manassas

At Marines Service Co. we understand the importance of quality plumbing service. That is why we offer a wide range of services that are designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. From repairs to installations, we can handle it all! You can be assured of transparent pricing with our “no haggle” approach and you can expect our estimates to be thoroughly accurate. You’ll never get an unexpected surprise in your cost.

Emergency Plumbing

When you have a plumbing emergency, you need a company that is available 24/7 to help you.

Whether a drain is clogged, a pipe has burst, or you have no hot water, our emergency plumbing services are here to help. We will respond quickly to your call and have your plumbing issues taken care of in no time!

At Marines Service Co., we are always here for you! We have a team of experienced plumbers who are ready to help you with any plumbing emergency that you may have.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

If you are having problems with your kitchen plumbing, our experienced plumbers can help. Is your sink not draining properly? Is your faucet not working? Whatever the problem may be, we can help. The range of everything in the kitchen is in our professional purview including the sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal. We provide both repairs and installations.

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Bathroom Plumbing Repair

If your bathroom plumbing is not working properly, our experienced plumbers can help. We can diagnose and repair any plumbing issue that you may be having in your bathroom.

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Toilet Repair and Replacement

If your toilet is leaking, cracked, or old, it’s time for a replacement. A new toilet can save you money on your water bill and make your bathroom look newer.

At Marines Service Co., we can help you select the perfect replacement toilet and we can install it for you quickly and efficiently. We also offer a wide range of repair services, so we can help you keep your toilet in top condition.

If you’re in need of a new toilet or repair services, call us today.

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Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is perhaps one of the most important and difficult to repair appliances in your home. If it is not working properly, it can be a real hassle. It can also lead to further problems with your plumbing system. That is why it is important to call a professional if you are having any problems with your garbage disposal.

Let our experienced plumbers take care of your garbage disposal for you.

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Water Heater Repair

If your water heater is not working properly, our experienced plumbers can help. What can go wrong with a water heater? The list is practically endless: the tank can leak, the element can go out, the thermostat can malfunction, and more. An old or malfunctioning water heater can lead to all sorts of problems in your home, everything from fire to flooding, sometimes even catastrophic, so it is important to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Know more of Water Heater Repair

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is a great option for homeowners who are looking to save money on their energy bills. Tankless water heaters do not use a tank to store water, which means that they can save you money on your energy bills. They are also more efficient than traditional water heaters, which means that you will be able to save even more money in the long run. If you are interested in learning more about tankless water heaters, our experienced plumbers can help. We can answer any questions that you may have and we can provide you with a free estimate for a tankless water heater installation.

Water Softener

A water softener is a great way to improve the quality of your water. If you are having problems with hard water, a water softener can help. A water softener will remove the minerals that are responsible for making your water hard. This will help to improve the quality of your water and it will also help to extend the life of your plumbing fixtures.

If you are interested in learning more about water softeners, our experienced plumbers can help. We can answer any questions that you may have and we can provide you with a free estimate for a water softener installation.

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Sump Pump

A sump pump is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. It helps to keep your basement dry by pumping water out of the basement and away from your home. A sump pump is a great way to protect your home from flooding. Particularly if your home has a finished basement or a below ground level workshop or storage of valuables, a sump pump can help to keep all of it safe and dry. If you’re not sure your sump pump is in perfect condition, ready for a flood event, don’t risk it until after the fact, please give us a call – we offer sump pump testing and maintenance services to keep you prepared.

When you need help right now. We’re the ones to call and we won’t make you wait at home all day for a technician to arrive.

We also believe in providing our customers with value. That is why we offer competitive rates and discounts on our services.

If you are in need of plumbing service in Manassas, VA, please contact us today! We would be happy to help you get the service you need!

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Well Pump Problems? We can help!

Household wells and well pumps are the primary source of water for people living in more rural parts of Northern Virginia including Manassas. Private water delivery systems are used by the majority of houses in 63% of Virginia counties. The number of families using private wells is growing faster than the number of homes using municipal water delivery systems in these areas. Outside of metropolitan regions, the greatest reliance on private water supply systems is in rural, non-agricultural areas where new growth happens beyond the reach of public water or sewer lines. Private wells are used by over one million Virginia homeowners. Keeping your well in top condition and monitoring your water supply is a homeowner responsibility. We are here to help you keep your well water in tip-top shape.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your well pump, take action now and let us help you keep your water flowing cleanly and efficiently.

  • Poor or no water flow
  • Pump water that is murky or cloudy
  • A pump with a short cycle time
  • The pump never stops running
  • The water tank has lost air
  • Fluctuating water pressure

Control switches for the water pump have failed.

Broken well pumps can be repaired by our skilled plumbers, and new well pumps can be installed if necessary. Not all plumbers are familiar with well pump systems, but we are equipped to handle any situation swiftly and accurately.

If you are experiencing problems with your well pump, don’t hesitate to call us. Although pumps for wells are made to be long-lasting and trustworthy by design, normal wear and tear can degrade critical components over time. We can help you repair your pump or install a new one if necessary.

About Manassas, Virginia

Manassas (previously known as Manassas Junction) is a Virginia city, surrounded by Prince William County and Manassas Park, Virginia. For statistical purposes, the BEA lumps Manassas and Manassas Park together. Manassas is the county seat of Prince William. The 38-acre county courthouse grounds are not part of the city. Manassas has several important historic sites dating back to 1850.

City Established in 1850

Population 41,641In 1861, the First Battle of Manassas, also known as Bull Run, took place here.

More resources on the web for Manassas, VA:

We offer Manassas residents every plumbing service you may need or want.

What is Manassas Virginia famous for?

Manassas has a wonderful museum system and charming Old Town historic district, perfect for a day trip in Virginia. Known for Civil War history, Manassas originated in 1852 at the junction of two railroads which linked Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. with the Shenandoah Valley and Richmond.

Is Manassas VA nice?

It's a very nice small town with a diverse group of people speaking many different languages. It's short drives away from many places such as Oldtown Manassas, Potomac Mills Mall, and some state parks. Along with essential stores and family restaurants.

Is Manassas in Fairfax VA?

The City of Manassas is part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area and is in the Northern Virginia region.

What is the cost of living in Manassas VA?

Manassas cost of living is 125.9

Cost of Living

Simei Solano was my plumber from Marines Service Co. and he was GREAT. I am a layperson when it comes to plumbing and Mr. Solano explained everything regarding my issue to me clearly so I understood. He was on time and had excellent customer service skills, and he fixed my problem. We have future plumbing work to schedule and will definitely be calling Marines Service Co. again and requesting Mr. Solano!

Gordon Simonett

James came and worked tirelessly to clear our kitchen drain. He was a consummate professional, explained what he was doing, clear estimate and didn’t go over. He gave us tips on how to maintain clear pipes. Much appreciated! Will absolutely use again.

Brian Tighe

I had a plumber from another company tell me the repair I needed would cost me at least $1800 and involved breaking into shower tile - which would also need to repaired. With that cost, I felt I should get a second opinion. Daniel from Marines Service Co. came within 1 day, was friendly and helpful, and helped us fix the problem for far less from both a cost and repair perspective. He explained to me what he was doing at every step of the way. Will for sure be using Marines Service Co. for all my future plumbing needs!

Lea H.
Ewa Beach, HI

We had a challenging issue with water pressure that was affecting several appliances (even faucets) and the overall plumbing system in our home. JACK GEE was exceptional in 1. Prompt service 2. Problem solving each issue separately 3. Educating us on each issue with a walk through 4. Giving us options 5. Solving the problem quickly and efficiently. Jack did this all while being personable with our son with Down syndrome and respectful of our time and space. I wish there were 10 stars and Gold Star.

Pamela S.
Ashburn, VA

Simei Solano is a proficient professional! His technic and proficiency to diagnosis a problem is quick and accurate. I highly recommend Mr. Solano to any one and would request him for future services!

Ronaldo D.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Steve Katz was amazing! He helped me with a bathroom issue we had ans also alerted me to some other items that needed attention. He really took time to talk to me and answer my questions. Super nice guy!

Kathy L.
Oakton, VA

Plumbing Services in Northern Virginia and Richmond

Our skilled plumbers provide a wide range of plumbing services to homeowners throughout Northern Virginia and Richmond

List of Streets in Manassas, Prince William County, Virginia, United States

3 Otters Place5 Forks Road7th Regiment DriveAaron LaneAbbey Oaks CourtAbbie LaneAbbott CourtAbbott RoadAbingdon CourtAcer CourtAcer LaneAdamson StreetAdel DriveAdrienne PlaceAfton CourtAgate CourtAlan CourtAlbemarle DriveAlbert Myer CourtAlbrite CourtAlder LaneAlendale CourtAlessi DriveAlistair DriveAlleghany RoadAllegro DriveAllen StreetAllwood CourtAlmond StreetAlmond Tree CourtAlpha CourtAmaryllis AvenueAmbassador DriveAmberleigh CourtAmblewood DriveAmbrose CourtAmelia CourtAmerican Legion DriveAmherst CourtAmherst DriveAncient Oak CourtAnita CourtAnjou CourtAnna CourtAnnagreen CourtAnne Marie LaneAnsley CourtAntonia AvenueAnvil DriveApache Ridge CourtApple Tree CourtAragon CourtAriel CourtArlington AvenueArrington CourtArrington Farm CourtArrowood DriveArtillery RoadAruba CourtAsheville StreetAshland AvenueAshland Community SquareAshlawn CourtAshley CourtAshton AvenueAspen PlaceAspen Wood CourtAssateague PlaceAssett LoopAssociates CourtAtlas PlaceAttingham CourtAubrey DriveAugusta RoadAustin WayAutomotive DriveAutumn Brook LaneAutumn PlaceAviation LaneAvondale DriveAzalea Grove DriveAzure CourtBaber DriveBackus LaneBader DriveBainbridge CourtBaker StreetBaker StreetBallantrae StreetBalls Ford RoadBaneberry CircleBank Beaver CourtBankhead DriveBannerwood DriveBarbados CourtBarbados LaneBarnett StreetBarnwood RoadBarrett DriveBarrington Park CircleBarron StreetBartow PlaceBartow StreetBasil CourtBasilwood DriveBass Pond CourtBasswood DriveBattery Heights BoulevardBattle CourtBattle StreetBattlefield DriveBattleview ParkwayBayberry AvenueBayberry CourtBayonet WayBeadfield CourtBeamer WayBear Creek DriveBears Den CourtBeauregard AvenueBeaver Mill LaneBeck LaneBedford RoadBeech PlaceBelle Grae DriveBen Lomond Park RoadBennett DriveBens WayBent Tree LaneBerkshire StreetBermuda LaneBernard CourtBertalice CourtBertha CourtBessie Watson LaneBethany CourtBethany Springs MewsBethel RoadBethlehem RoadBig Oak CircleBirch StreetBirchwood CourtBirmingham DriveBlack Crow WayBlack Horse CourtBlackstone RoadBland DriveBlandsford DriveBlendia LaneBlooms Quarry LaneBlooms Quarry RoadBlooms RoadBlossom LaneBlue Bell CourtBlue Gray CircleBlue Ridge CourtBoar Farm CourtBoar Run CourtBodensee LaneBonair DriveBond CourtBonham CircleBosbury CourtBosna CourtBotsford RoadBoundary AvenueBoundbrook TerraceBoutilier LaneBow Hunter CourtBowmans Folly DriveBoyer LaneBracken CourtBrackets Ford CircleBradford LaneBradley Forest RoadBradley Forge DriveBragg LaneBramble CourtBranchview CourtBranchview LaneBrandon StreetBraxted LaneBrechin WayBreeden AvenueBreezy Knoll DriveBren Forest WayBrendel WayBrendon DriveBrenmill LaneBrent StreetBrentsville RoadBrentsville Run CourtBrentwood DriveBretton Woods DriveBrewer Creek PlaceBriarmont LaneBrickshire LaneBridge AvenueBridle Post PlaceBrigade CourtBrigantine LaneBright Pond WayBrighton WayBrinkley LaneBrinn CourtBroken Branch LaneBrookmead DriveBrooks LaneBrookstone CourtBrookview CourtBrothers CourtBrowning CourtBrowns LaneBroz CourtBruce CourtBruin CourtBrunger StreetBruton Parish CourtBuckeye CourtBuckhall Farm CourtBuckhall RoadBuckner RoadBucyrus CourtBugle CourtBull Run Overlook CourtBull Run RoadBulloch DriveBurlington CourtBurnet CourtBurnside CourtBurnside RoadBurnt Tree DriveBurrell LaneBusiness Center CourtBusiness WayButtercup PlaceButterfield StreetButternut CircleButternut StreetButtonbush CourtButtress LaneByrd DriveByrne CourtByron StreetCabin Branch CourtCabin Ridge CourtCabot CourtCadet CourtCaitlin CourtCaladium DriveCalder CourtCalico LaneCallan DriveCallie Furnace CourtCalm Pond CourtCalvary CourtCalypso DriveCamfield CourtCampaign CourtCampbell CourtCamphor CourtCandy CourtCane Brake MewsCannon Ball CourtCannon Ridge DriveCannoneer CourtCanova DriveCanova Springs PlaceCapital CourtCarapace CourtCaraway CircleCaribou LaneCarlington Valley CourtCarlton DriveCarmel Way CourtCarol AvenueCarolina DriveCarrageen DriveCarriage Hill DriveCarriage LaneCarrie LaneCarrington PlaceCasablanca CourtCaspian WayCass PlaceCastle RoadCather AvenueCaton PlaceCatrock Sluice WayCattail CourtCavalry LaneCecil RoadCedar Creek DriveCedar Ridge DriveCello WayCeltic LaneCenter Entrance CourtCenter Point LaneCenter StreetCenterton LaneCentral Park DriveCentreville RoadCentury Oak CourtCerise CourtChadds Landing WayChaddsford TerraceChampion CourtChamplain DriveChamps Mill CourtChancellorsville LaneChandler DriveChandler Farm LaneChandler Farm WayChapman Oak DriveChardon CourtCharles Lacey DriveCharles Wack StreetCharnwood CourtChase CourtChatham StreetChatterly LoopCherry Oak CourtCherry Ridge CourtCherry StreetCherry Tree LaneCherrywood CourtCherrywood DriveChervil CourtCheshire Ridge CircleChestnut StreetCheswick CourtChevalle DriveChickadee DriveChina Grove CourtChinaberry CourtChinkapin DriveChokecherry CourtChristian LaneChristine PlaceChurch StreetCisler LaneClaremont StreetClark PlaceClassic Oaks CourtClassic Springs DriveClawson LaneClayton RoadClearridge LaneCleary StreetClematis StreetClemson CourtClifton StreetCloudberry WayClouds Hill PlaceClover CourtClover Hill RoadCloverhill CourtClovertree CourtCoachcrest CourtCobb RoadCobble Pond WayCobblestone CourtCobden CourtCockrell RoadCoffee Tree CourtCoggs Bill DriveCoiner House PlaceColbert LaneColburn DriveColchester Park DriveCold Harbor LoopCole Timothy CourtColeman StreetColes DriveColonel CourtColonel Weavers CourtColonial Village LoopColoriver RoadColton LaneCommerce CourtCommonwealth CourtCommunity DriveComptons LaneConcerto CourtConfederate TrailConner DriveConstance PlaceContractors CourtConway DriveCooke CourtCool Oak LaneCoolbrook LaneCoopers LaneCopeland DriveCopperfield WayCoppermine DriveCoral Berry DriveCorbin Hall LaneCorey DriveCoriander CircleCornerstone Hill CircleCornwell DriveCoronado CourtCorporate CircleCorryton CourtCorydalis CourtCounselor RoadCountry LaneCountry Roads LaneCourtland CircleCoverstone DriveCoverstone Hill CircleCovington PlaceCranbury CircleCrawfish Hollow CourtCrecy LaneCregger LaneCrespo LaneCrestbrook DriveCrestwood DriveCrigger Point CourtCroatia WayCroce CourtCrooked Branch CourtCrooked Creek DriveCrooked Knoll WayCrossbow DriveCrossed Sabres CourtCroydon PlaceCrozier CourtCrystal Creek LaneCrystal Lake CourtCupids Dart CourtCurling RoadCushing RoadCuster CourtCuyahoga CourtCynthia CourtCypress Branch LaneDabshire WayDaffodil DriveDahlia CourtDairymaid CourtDaisy CourtDamascus DriveDamask CourtDamview PlaceDanny LaneDark Forest DriveDavidson PlaceDavis Ford RoadDaylily CourtDean DriveDean Park LaneDeblanc PlaceDeckert PlaceDeclan CourtDeep Hollow LaneDeer Path CourtDelano CourtDelinski WayDemocracy LaneDen Hollow CourtDenver DriveDepot PlaceDevelopers DriveDevon LaneDevonshire CourtDeward CourtDiane CourtDickinson CourtDigges RoadDiplomat DriveDiscovery BoulevardDitmars CourtDixie CourtDoane DriveDogan LaneDonegan DriveDonner DriveDonnington DriveDonset CourtDorsey CircleDoubleday LaneDoubletree CourtDouglas StreetDoves LaneDrew CourtDublin DriveDuck Pond TerraceDuet CourtDumfries RoadDuneiden LaneDunster CourtDusty Willow RoadDutchman CourtDuvon PlaceDylan PlaceEagle Lane

Eagles Nest CourtEaheart LaneEarly StreetEast Church StreetEast StreetEaston CourtEbert DriveEckley CourtEclipse DriveEdgepark CircleEdwin King LaneEgglestetton CourtElaine AvenueElderberry CourtEleanor CourtElim PlaceElizabeth StreetEllicott LaneEllis Frontage RoadEllis RoadEllsworth RoadElsinore DriveEmber CourtEmerald DriveEnglish Oak CourtEnglish StreetEnsenada CourtEnterprise CourtEppes Island PlaceErika DriveErin CourtEstates Pond CourtEstates View LaneEsteppe DriveEthel CourtEtheridge LaneEtherington CourtEuclid AvenueEuclid CourtEvans Ford RoadEvelyn DriveEwell StreetEwing PlaceExcaliber CourtFair Hill LaneFairfax StreetFairmont AvenueFairview AvenueFairweather CourtFalcon Point WayFalkirk WayFalling Creek DriveFancy Farm CourtFarmington CourtFarragut CourtFarthing Park RoadFawnlily CourtFeatherbed LaneFederal Hill LaneFeeg CourtFelicia CourtFelsted LaneFence Post CourtFenwood CourtFern Oak CourtFernwood CourtFestival LaneField CourtFincastle DriveFingerlake WayFirethorn CourtFitzgerald Farms CourtFlametree CourtFlanagan CourtFlannagan CourtFlannery CourtFlatbush CourtFletcher Farm CourtFlint Rock RoadFlowerden LaneFlowerree LaneFolksie CourtFolkstone RoadFoneswood LaneForest Hill CircleForest Oak CourtForest Point CircleForestview DriveForestwood LaneForrest StreetForrester LaneFort DriveFort PlaceForum WayFoster DriveFostern LaneFox Den CourtFox Den RoadFox StreetFoxborough CourtFrank CourtFreedom Center BoulevardFringe Tree LaneFrog Hollow CourtFrosty CourtFruit Wood CourtFry StreetFurr CourtGabe CourtGaither StreetGales CourtGallaudet CourtGalveston CourtGambril DriveGandall CourtGarden StreetGardenia LaneGarland CourtGarner DriveGarnet CourtGarrison RoadGarst DriveGary RoadGaskins WayGateshead LaneGateway BoulevardGateway CourtGatsby RoadGeist CourtGeller CircleGeneral Hood CourtGeneral Longstreets LineGeneral Mcclellan RoadGeneral Warren AvenueGenie TerraceGenna LaneGent CourtGeorge Mason CircleGeorge StreetGeorgian CourtGhadban CourtGholson Bridge CourtGibbon PlaceGilbeth RoadGinger CourtGinny WayGinseng WayGlade Bank DriveGlade CourtGladney DriveGladstone StreetGlen CourtGlencrest DriveGlenolden PlaceGloxinia WayGodwin DriveGold Cup TrailGolden Autumn CourtGolden Leaf CircleGolden Oak DriveGoldenberry Hill LaneGoodland CourtGooseberry DriveGordon DriveGoshen CourtGracie DriveGrand CourtGranite LaneGrant AvenueGrape Myrtle CourtGrapewood CourtGray Fox TrailGray's Mill CourtGraystone RoadGreat Mere CourtGreen Brook CourtGreengate CourtGreenise CourtGreenleaf DriveGreenview LaneGreenway CourtGregory CourtGregorys Grove CourtGretchen CourtGreystone RoadGrist Mill CourtGrizzly CourtGuy DriveHaag StreetHaggle CourtHailees Grove LaneHaire StreetHall Tavern CourtHallard CourtHalsey CourtHalterpath TrailHamowell StreetHampton RoadHanback DriveHanson Grove CourtHappy Creek RoadHara StreetHard Shale RoadHarmonic LaneHarnsberger Barn CourtHarrington CourtHarry J Parrish BoulevardHarton StreetHarvest PlaceHarvey RoadHastings DriveHaw Branch CourtHawkins DriveHawthorn Hill CourtHayden RoadHayes Station WayHazel DriveHeather Green DriveHeaven Scent LaneHelen StreetHelmsdale PlaceHemlock Hills CourtHemlock Ridge CourtHendley RoadHenrico StreetHenry CourtHensley RoadHeron Ridge CourtHersch Farm LaneHickory Hill DriveHickory Hollow CourtHicks CourtHidden Creek RoadHidden Spring DriveHigh Bluff TrailHigh StreetHighland StreetHighpoint CourtHikmat RoadHill PlaceHillcrest DriveHilliard DriveHillis CourtHilltop DriveHillview CourtHinson Mill LaneHiram CourtHoadly RoadHobsons Choice LoopHogan PlaceHolbrook CourtHolland CourtHollis DriveHollowbrook WayHolly Berry CourtHolly Forest DriveHolly Glen CourtHolly Grove CourtHoneysuckle RoadHood RoadHornbaker RoadHorsely CourtHospital WayHowar CourtHoward StreetHowell Run CourtHudson Crest DriveHugh Mullen DriveHume School CourtHumphrey LaneHunters Grove RoadHunters Ridge RoadHuntsman DriveHutchison LaneHyde CourtHyla DriveHynson DriveI Beam LaneIdlebrook CourtImpalla DriveIndependence DriveIndependent Hill DriveIndependent LaneIndian Moon LaneIndustrial CourtIndustrial RoadIndustry DriveInfantry Ridge RoadInkberry CourtInnovation LoopInsignia WayInspiration Point PlInyo PlaceIron Mountain PlaceIrongate WayIrving StreetIvakota CourtIvy Glen CourtJ D Reading DriveJackson AvenueJacksonville AvenueJacobs Grove CourtJacobs LaneJacqueline AvenueJamaica LaneJames Hard CourtJames Payne CourtJames Russell RoadJanet Rose CourtJanja CourtJansen StreetJarvis CourtJasmine CourtJaspers Branch CourtJayeselle DriveJayhawk TerraceJefferson StreetJepson DriveJeremiah CourtJerome CourtJerrys CircleJessica Ridge WayJill Brenda CourtJohn AvenueJohn Mark CourtJohn Wyatt DriveJohnson DriveJones StreetJordon Hollow CourtJudiths Grove CourtJuliet LaneJunction DriveJune StreetJustin LaneKahns RoadKallenburg CourtKamlea DriveKaren Marie CourtKarlo StreetKathy StreetKaty Ann CourtKeanon Ridge CourtKeara CourtKemper House CourtKemps Landing CircleKendrick CourtKershaw CourtKessler PlaceKettle Pond CourtKevin CourtKey Commons CourtKidd PlaceKilhaven CourtKimberly DriveKincheloe DriveKing Arthurs CourtKing Carter StreetKing CourtKing George DriveKings Arm DriveKings Forest LaneKinship CourtKirby StreetKirkwood CourtKittewan CourtKnightshayes DriveKnollwood DriveKnotty Oak LaneKodiak CourtKoman CircleKousa CourtKris CourtKurt Kahn TrailLabrador LoopLacy DriveLady Jane LoopLady Slipper LaneLafayette AvenueLaguna CourtLake Dorian DriveLake DriveLake Forest DriveLake Jackson DriveLake Occoquan DriveLake Shore DriveLakeway DriveLambert DriveLamont CourtLancaster Knoll LaneLancers CourtLandgreen StreetLandings DriveLandview DriveLane Scott CourtLangholm WayLantern CourtLariat LaneLarksong CourtLaunch CircleLaurel Glen CourtLaurel Highlands PlaceLaurelwood CourtLaurie CourtLavender Flower CourtLavenham CourtLaws DriveLayton CourtLeatherleaf CourtLee AvenueLee Avenue WestLee CourtLee Manor DriveLeesa Dawn CourtLehr CourtLeighlex CourtLeland RoadLemon Tree CourtLenfant PlaceLenore StreetLeroux LaneLeslie PlaceLester RoadLevity PlaceLewis CourtLexington Valley DriveLibeau DriveLiberia AvenueLiberty StreetLiberty TrailLight Guard LoopLilac StreetLime Tree CourtLinblake CourtLincoln AvenueLinda PlaceLinden CourtLinden Lake PlazaLinden Wood RoadLindera CourtLindy LaneLinette LaneLisle DriveLivingston RoadLoblolly TrailLochan Ora LaneLochmere DriveLockerbie WayLodgepole CourtLodi CourtLomond CourtLomond South DriveLone Oak CourtLone Star WayLong Creek CourtLong Hill CourtLongstreet CourtLongstreet DriveLost Creek CourtLoudoun AvenueLovers LaneLowery CourtLucasville RoadLute CourtLuther DriveLuxberry CourtLyceum LaneLyndell CourtLynncrest DriveLyon CircleLyre CourtMacbeth StreetMace CircleMace CourtMace StreetMace StreetMacgregor CourtMacnichol LaneMadera CourtMadison AvenueMagenta StreetMagnolia CourtMagnolia Grove DriveMahogany CourtMain StreetMakelys WayMalbrook CourtMallard Pond CourtMallow CourtMallow StreetMalvern CourtManassas Mill RoadMandy LaneManning RoadManor CourtManor View PlaceMaple StreetMaplewood DriveMargarite StreetMargate CourtMarian DriveMarie DriveMariposa DriveMarket Square CourtMartinique CourtMary Jane DriveMason King CourtMassie StreetMastbrook LaneMatador RoadMathis AvenueMaury LaneMaxfield CourtMaxwell CourtMaya LaneMayfield CourtMcclellan CmnMcgill CourtMcgrath RoadMckee WayMckenzie CircleMckinley AvenueMclean StreetMclean WayMcrae CourtMeadow CourtMeadow Grove CourtMeadowgate DriveMeadowlark CourtMeadowview DriveMeanderview CourtMedway Church LoopMente RoadMercedes DriveMercury DriveMerit CourtMerrimack DriveMerrybell CourtMetcalf BoulevardMichala Barrett CourtMichelle CourtMiddle AvenueMiddleburg CourtMike Garcia DriveMiken CourtMilford RoadMilic StreetMill Race CourtMiller DriveMiller School PlaceMillpond CourtMilroy CourtMilton Hall PlaceMine Gap WayMineola CourtMineral Springs DriveMinor Hill RoadMiramar DriveMission Ridge DriveMock Orange CourtMockingbird LaneMoffitt LaneMolair RoadMolly Pitcher CircleMonitor CourtMonocacy WayMonterosa PlaceMontgomery DriveMontrose WayMontyville DriveMoonglow CourtMoor Green DriveMoore DriveMoore House CourtMorias CourtMorning Glory CourtMorningside DriveMorrisania MewsMosby StreetMoselle CourtMoss LaneMount Vernon DriveMountwood DriveMulder CourtMullen StreetNagle StreetNanette DriveNantucket CourtNapa DriveNash DriveNathan CourtNathaniel Harris CourtNatick DriveNatural Bridge CourtNavarone PlaceNelson LaneNew Britain CircleNew Market CourtNewman CourtNewood DriveNewton PlaceNicol LaneNiki PlaceNimitz CourtNinebark CourtNittany DriveNoahs Landing CourtNodi CourtNokesville RoadNorfolk CourtNorfolk StreetNormanton WayNorseman DriveNorth Point RoadNorwalk CourtNotes DriveNotre Dame StreetNottingham DriveNyack CourtO'connell CourtO'riley CourtOak Hollow CourtOak StreetOakenshaw DriveOakglen CourtOakglen RoadOakgrove CourtOakview DriveOarlock CourtObrien CourtObservation RoadOccoquan Forest DriveOld Bushmill CourtOld Centreville RoadOld Compton RoadOld Davis Ford RoadOld Dominion DriveOld Farm LaneOld Hickory CourtOld Kahns RoadOld Lewis CourtOld Settle CourtOld Wellington RoadOlde Mill RunOlden CourtOlga LaneOliver CourtOlivewood DriveOlympic DriveOmega LaneOrchard Bridge DriveOrchard LaneOrchid CourtOrdway CourtOutback CourtOverhill DriveOverrun DriveOwens CourtOwens DrivePaddle Wheel CourtPaige CourtPaine Run PlacePalace CourtPamplin Pipe CourtPanda CourtPappas DriveParadise CourtPark AvenuePark River DrivePark StreetParkington CourtParkland StreetParkview DrivePartnership LanePassage Creek LanePatricia StreetPatterson PlacePatton LanePayton DrivePeabody StreetPeachwood DrivePeak CourtPeaks Mill DrivePeakwood CourtPebble LanePelham CourtPemberton LoopPembridge RoadPendragon WayPenhook CourtPeninsula CourtPennsylvania AvenuePenny LanePennycress StreetPeony CourtPeppertree LanePerennial StreetPeric CourtPerrish LanePershing DrivePetersburg CourtPetterson LanePettigrew WayPettus PlacePhipps Farm WayPhoenix DrivePickett LanePine StreetPinehurst LanePineview RoadPiney AvenuePiney Point CourtPinnacle Ridge DrivePlacid StreetPlain Dealing PlacePlant PlacePlantation LanePleasant Colony DrivePlum CourtPlum Tree CourtPoe DrivePoint Of Woods DrivePoint View DrivePointer LanePompom CourtPond Crest TerracePonderosa Pine CourtPope StreetPoplar Ford TrailPoplar StreetPopwicke CourtPorter Ridge LanePorterwood TurnPortici PlacePortner AvenuePortwood TurnPosey PlPossum Trot CourtPost Oak TerracePostern CourtPotter DrivePowers StreetPowhatan StreetPrescott AvenuePresidential LanePrice DrivePrimrose CourtPrince Charles CourtPrince Cole CourtPrince William ParkwayPrince William StreetPrincess Carol CourtPrinceton Park DrivePristine CourtPrivates CourtPriya CourtProfessional PlacePromenade LaneProvincial DrivePruett PlacePublic Works DrivePump Station WayPurcell Branch CourtPurcell RoadPurdue CourtPurse DrivePyramid PlaceQuail Creek LaneQuail Hollow DriveQuail Run LaneQuarry RoadQuarry StreetQuayle 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Top Rated Plumbing Company in Manassas, Virginia

Marines Service Co. Plumbing Services of Manassas is located on 12084 Cadet Ct, Manassas, Virginia. From Dulles International Airport get on VA-28S/Sully Rd from Rudder Rd. Then head west, and keep right to continue toward Rudder Rd. Next continue onto Rudder Rd, and turn left onto Autopilot Dr. After that turn left onto Aviation Dr., and use the left 2 lanes to merge onto VA-28S/Sully Rd via the ramp to I-66 W. Follow VA-28 S/Sully Rd and I-66 W to VA-234S in Prince William County. Take exit 44 from I-66 W. Next merge onto VA-28S/Sully Rd, and use the right lane to take the ramp onto I-66 W. Then keep left to stay on I-66 W. At this point take exit 44 for VA-234 S/Prince William Parkway toward Manassas/Dumfries. Follow VA-234 S, Balls Ford Rd and Wellington Rd to your destination. After that continue onto VA-234 S, and turn right onto Balls Ford Rd. Then turn left onto Wellington Rd, and turn left onto Cadet Ct. Next turn left. Finally, turn left. Turn left, and Marines Service Co. Plumbing Services of Manassas. Will be on the right.

We're open:
Sunday Closed
Monday-Friday 07:00 - 17:00
Saturday 08:00 - 14:00

For additional questions you can call us at (804) 409-2639


Ray was very friendly and knowledgeable, and has a no nonsense attitude and gets the job done right the first time. He quickly diagnosed the issue and repaired the faulty part and installed a battery backup. While he was on site he was able to help us with other plumbing problems that he had noticed were incorrectly installed and applied. Marines Service Co. will be the only company I use from here on out. They have great service, the best price and are very honest. Great job and Semper Fi!

M.P., Manassas, VA

James was thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and took his time explaining information. The price was reasonable and highly recommend checking with Marines Service Co. before starting anywhere else. From start to finish, positive experience with the company and will be utilizing in the future!

M.P., Manassas, VA
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