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Whatever your plumbing needs, large or small, you can count on us to get the job done perfectly and at a fair price. We are the “no haggle” plumber. In fact, you will find Marines Plumbing to be a better plumbing experience all around. Learn more about Marines Plumbing Service.


We all wish things worked as planned - but life happens and then your toilet is overflowing. There are many things that could go wrong in your bathroom, but if they do, call us. We’ll be right over to fix the problem and getting everything running smoothly again.

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From screws in the garbage disposal to issues with the water connection to your refrigerator, we've seen it all. If you have any plumbing needs at all in the kitchen, call Marines Plumbing. We’ll make it right and help make sure the same issue doesn't happen again.

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Garbage Disposal

Are you hearing a horrible grinding sound from your garbage disposal? You might be surprised what we've pulled out of a garbage disposal... Talk to Marines Plumbing for Installation, Repair and Maintenance of your garbage disposal that’s on the fritz

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Water Heaters

There's nothing worse than looking forward to a nice hot bath or shower only to discover you have no hot water or inadequate water pressure and it takes a few days to fill the tub. That’s no way to live! Marines Plumbing will take care of any water heater problems even if it means replacing your old water heater.

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Toilet Repairs

No one wants their toilet breaking. Unfortunately, it happens. When it does, Marines Plumbing experts, will be on the spot to repair any problem that you have. We can even replace your old toilet with something new if you're looking for a modern update.

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Sump Pump

This is one of our most common calls. Typically, you won’t know if your sump pump is broken until you need it. When that time comes, count on Marines Plumbing for the installation, repair and maintenance of your broken sump pump. Even if you don’t think your sump pump is working properly, give us a call and we’ll check it out.

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Are you having Drain issues in your home? Does it take too long for water to drain from a tub or a sink? These could be signs that your drain or waste piping are in need of a little attention. With so many different products on the market that have changed over the years it's hard for some folks to know what they have in their home and the potential problems that can occur. Trust the team at Marines Plumbing to properly diagnose your piping issues and provided you with fair and upfront recommendations. If your home has POLYBUTYLENE pipe that is grey in color, it may be time for you to consider having this piping replaced. Some older homes in the area can suffer from low water pressure do to galvanized and steel water piping which can also have potential health issues associated with metals and lead left in the water. Marines Plumbing can provide options to remove and replace these potential hazards in your home. Give us a call or fill out or simple online service request and we can make your water and drain piping issues a thing of the past.

Water Filtration

Getting water to your home is a very complicated process and you want to make sure that it comes out clean and clear. We can assess if there are issues with old pipes, and see if equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. We'll make it right first time, so you don't have to worry about it in the future.

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Water Servers

There are few things you can't do without, and water is probably at the top of the list. At Marines Plumbing we know how disruptive a lack of water can be for basic tasks like washing the dishes or taking a shower, but lets not forget how important it is when your need to.... Well, GO! You can trust that the experts at Marines Services Co. are mission focused on restoring your homes most important functions in a timely manner. If you have noticed water pooling in your front yard or bubbling out of the ground or inside your home there is a possibility that you may need a new service line run into your home.

From simple water line repairs to whole line replacement inside and outside of your home Marines Plumbing has the know how to get this taken care of and done right. Give us a call today or fill out our request form online, we have standard service hours available from 7am to 6pm Monday - Saturday to provide service and take care of all of your water service needs.

Well Pumps

Whether your problems are large or small, Marines Plumbing knows the headaches that can come with plumbing problems, including well pump issues and water filtration system repair needs. If you’re in need of a diagnosis, a repair or a new installation, the Marines Plumbing team has the experience, skills and equipment needed to get the job done quickly and correctly. Well pumps and water filtration systems are vital to getting water service at your home, and their team understands the need to have them repaired quickly and in a timely fashion. Let Marines Services Co. assist you and make sure the solution to the problem is one that will last.

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Sewer Excavation

Having a broken home sewer can cause unlivable conditions for even the best homes, and could be the root of more problems. Don’t worry, our team at Marines Plumbing specializes in all things sewer related and can provide a sewer excavation to make your home flowing like new.

Sewer Replacement/Repair

Having your sewer replaced or repaired can be one of the biggest hassles, but here at Marines Plumbing we make sure to give your dream home the attention and service it needs to stay your dream home. Let our team come out to make sure all your sewage needs are taken care of.

Main Line Replacement

Fixing a sewer line can be costly if not tended to properly. Here at Marines Plumbing we have over 20 years of experience working with sewer line repairs and replacements. Our professional staff is able to assess the issues before the problem gets too big. If you notice excessive clogging in your bathroom or start smelling sulfur (similar to rotten eggs), it may be time to give us a call.

Water Main Replacement

The quality of water flowing through your home could be tarnished. This could be from an issue in your water line. At Marines Plumbing our team specializes in all water line issues. Whether it’s a repair or a full on replacement, count on Marines Services Co. to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Main Water Line Repair

Taking care of your water line is vital to your home’s health. If not tended to sooner than later your home could experience serious molding and mildew build up. Have our professionals come inspect your home’s water line to prevent any further damages.

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